Preserving the Legacy of Engineer & Architect, Wayne McClure

Our Mission

McClure homes can be found throughout West Michigan. While many have been forgotten to time, archivists and mid century researchers like Pam VanderPloeg of Architecture GR have helped to bring these homes back out into the light of day.

Pam completed lots of research and investigations into McClure through data analysis of various architecture and historical archives across the Grand Rapids, MI area and beyond. Sadly the articles she wrote for wmmodern.com seem to have vanished, though archive.org has preserved much of her website. We hope to see it return in some form someday.

Our goal is to further research, restore, and catalog these homes where possible, based upon the efforts others have made to exemplify Grand Rapids’ own visionary architect and engineer.

If you own or are aware of a Wayne McClure built home, standing or otherwise, please contact us so we may include it in our archive of homes.

About Wayne

The Designed & Built by McClure insignia is a concept based on the same welcome sign that would have hung at McClure’s home and office studio on Lewison Ave. in Grand Rapids, MI.

McClure designed and built homes across metropolitan Grand Rapids in the late 50s and early 60s.

Prior to his work in architecture he graduated Iowa State College with a degree in Architectural Engineering, followed immediately by a career in the Federal Housing Authority of Hawaii, until moving and setting up his office in West Michigan.

McClure had a relatively short career designing and building homes so precious few of these properties still exist or are yet to be rediscovered today.

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Historian: William Alberts

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