Could be a McClure?

This 1965 home is based on the design of #1 Meadowlawn, AKA: The Fuller Court Gathercole home.

The home itself sits on a large property with a barn off of the busy Eastern Avenue in Gaines Township, a suburb of Grand Rapids. This home is just down the road from Meadowlawn #1, considered a crown jewel of McClure’s body of work. However, we have not been able to verify if it is a McClure home even though there are only a few differences between the two.

The most notable change between these two properties is the enclosed garage. Where the Eastern Ave. home sits on a wider lot with the ability to have a garage entrance from the side, the Fuller Court home has a carport more traditional of McClure homes.

Before image courtesy of Zillow. After image courtesy of Will Burgess Photography.

The home has been fully updated throughout and little of the original interior or exterior craftsmanship can be found. This home is a prime candidate to be renovated into a Mid Century masterpiece once more.

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