Meadowlawn Homes #3

The Meadowlawn homes, often referred to as the Fuller Ct. homes, are a series of three Wayne McClure built houses built on a small court in the Meadowlawn neighborhood of Kentwood off Fuller Ave.

Meadowlawn #3 sits to the righthand side of the court and is very noticeable from the adjacent intersection. This home is constructed of wood and stone in a Danish modern, “box” style. One very distinguishing feature of this home is it has an outdoor pool and patio; simply an inviting home for get-togethers and parties.

What is unique about the Meadowlawn homes is each was built around the early 1960s and retained the same owners into the 2010s. While this home has been updated throughout the years, the current owner has expressed interest in restoring some of the mid-century charms of the home based on other McClure properties.

This home features a semi-detached carport and entryway. The home sits on a well-wooded plot with old-growth trees.

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